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Week 5

Monday 28th March 2022

Today we focused on Jesus showing humility to those people he helped and healed. We looked at the story of Blind Bartimeaus. Jesus loved everyone no matter what their background was. 

Tuesday 29th March 2022

The past two days the whole school has been looking at the events that happened in Holy Week. Each class had different parts of the story to look in depth at.

Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem - Class 1

Jesus in the Temple - Class 3

The Last Supper - Class 3

The Garden of Gethsemene - Class 3

Jesus' trial - Class 2

Crucifixion - Class 2

Resurrection - Class 2

We came together to recap what everyone had done and discuss why this part of the 'Big Story of the Bible' is known as salvation.


Wednesday 30th March 2022

Class Worship

Today we carried on with looking at the 'Big Story of the Bible. Last week we looked at the creation story. This week we thought about how every good story has something go wrong. We thought about The Fall, or the story of Adam and Eve. Each class thought about what it tells us about God that he created the Garden of Eden. We explored how this was the first mistake that humans made and that if we say sorry for our mistakes we will be forgiven.