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Summer 2 2023

At the start of summer 2 we had a visit from Serena Patel, an author who writes the Anisha Accidental Detective books. We had lots of fun talking to her and she got us to use our imagination to write the ending to a story! We are reading the first one as our class reader and enjoying it very much.

In science we were learning about shadows. We learned that the dark is the absence of light and we carried out an experiment on what happens to shadows during the day.

We then used the graphing software on Purple Mash to create graphs of the length of the shadows to spot patterns. We noticed that it didn't matter what object we had the shadow got shorter as it got closer to midday and then got longer again. We looked at how this was to do with the Earth moving round the sun and the angle of the light. We did an experiment with torches to test our theory.

We also had lots of fun designing and making a castle in DT. We looked at the different features of castles and made 3D shapes using nets. We then designed a castle and made it using junk modelling and nets of shapes. Some of us had working drawbridges and we had thought about the comfort of the people living in our castle by designing toilets too!