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Week 3

Monday 14th March 2022

The Boastful King

Mrs price acted out the story of a Boastful King who was very rich, powerful and intelligent but he was also very arrogant! He was so arrogant that he continually boasted about how brilliant he was at his favourite past time snakes and ladders and felt that no one else could ever beat him or be worthy to play him! Many people came to play him but were never given chance as he said they were not good enough for him and couldn't match his ability! They were sent to have their heads chopped off if considered unworthy One day a beggar came into his palace to challenge the king. the king could not believe he could consider himself to be a worthy rival! He demanded to know why the beggar thought he could compete and called for the executioner immediately.


The beggar said ' That I forgive you for what you're about to do Would you be capable of that?'

The king was stunned  but the more he thought about it, the more the beggar's words made sense. if he were condemned to death the beggar would be right, and would have shown himself to be the better man due to his capacity to forgive. If the beggar was not executed , he would come away with both his life and a reputation for being a worthy adversary.....without making any move the king knew he had already lost the match.


'How did you manage to beat me without even playing? Whether i play you or not, everyone will have seen my lack of dignity ' said the king, beaten.


The story continued but the messages to take away are

Do not to boast.

Do not be arrogant of others.

Do not judge others



Tuesday 15th March 2022 

The worship committee acted out the story of the Roman Centurion which tells the story of Flavius, a very humble and faithful man. He did not feel worthy that Jesus should come to his house to heal his servant. Jesus was amazed at the humility he had shown and later the servant was healed. 

Wednesday 16th March 

Class Worship 

Friday 18th March 

We looked at what it is like to live as a Buddhist before our celebration assembly today. 


Buddhists are very humble people as they aim to reach enlightenment to benefit others.