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Week 11

Monday 22nd November 2021

Our worship committee performed The Unforgiving Servant to the school. 

Peter was talking to Jesus and asked Him how many times is a person expected to forgive a person that keeps sinning against him? Peter asked if he had to forgive up to seven times?


But, Jesus told Peter that not only does God want us to forgive someone seven times, He expects us to forgive that person seventy times seven! Not seven times seven… but seventy times seven! We are always expected to be forgiving! God doesn't want us to keep a book to keep track of the seventy times seven! He just wants us to love others, have compassion and forgive. It's not always easy! Sometimes it is very hard.
The children commented on what they had learned from the play.
The king showed compassion as he forgave the steward and cancelled his debt.... Joshua Year 4
The steward did not show compassion to a fellow steward.... Emma Year R 
Forgiveness is love... Harry Year 5

Tuesday 26th November 2021

We looked at our vision and discussed where compassion is explained. We believe that 'With God Nothing is Impossible' which allows us to have high aspirations and know we are part of a loving family. 

Children could articulate what it means to be part of a loving, Church of England School. 


We are loved because we are cared for by our teachers

Our friends are kind

Teachers are caring and help us persevere

Sandra our cook always smiles at us when she serves our dinner. 

We learn to look after each other

We are listened to 

We are forgiven 


Wednesday 24th November 2021 

Class worship

Each class discussed what collective worship means and came up with some amazing phrases and ideas:

It's a time to pray

We show love to God

We show compassion

It's a time for reflection and thinking

A time to talk to God

A time to think about others a time to sing hymns 

Thursday 25th November 2021 

We listened to the parable of The Prodigal Son retold by Bob Hartman 

Luke 15

It doesn't matter how far we stray from our Heavenly Father or how much we squander the gifts he provides, he is always delighted when we turn back to him. His unconditional love and compassion is waiting for us to return home where he greets us with open arms.