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Spring 2 2023

The second half of the spring term started off with a DT day. We all made 'moving monsters'. We looked at how things move using pivots and levers. We then tested making a mechanism using card and split pins. We tested different thickness of card and paper and changed the size of our mechanism to see if it made a difference to how well it worked. After that we created our design for our monster. Then we had lots of fun making our monsters using our design as a guide. Finally we evaluated our work and thought about what was good and what we'd do differently next time! We worked so hard and were super patient and showed excellent perseverance. Here are some pictures from the day.

Here we are looking at how different things move.

Then we looked at how to make a mechanism using pivots.

We designed our monsters - we made 2 designs.

We then collected data by asking our friends which of our designs they liked the best.

We then got to make the winning design!

We also enjoyed World Book Day. We came dressed up and spent the day thinking about how awesome books are (though we do that every day!!) We looked at all the books we could buy with our World Book Day voucher and made tables and bar charts using the ipads to show which was our favourite. Dave Pigeon was the most popular!

We also got to do a draw along with the author and illustrator of the Dave Pigeon books - our artwork was amazing!

In the afternoon we went on a book treasure hunt and then our parents and carers could come in and share books with us.

As well as all that we are using the book 'Stardust' by Jeanne Willis for our English and are learning how to rewrite it for an older audience who don't have the pictures! We are really impressing Mrs C with our great sentences!


We are also continuing to learn our times tables and different methods to multiply and divide numbers in maths.


In Geography we are learning all about the physical and human geography of Italy. 


We've also learned all about different ways of presenting work digitally using Purple Mash on the Ipads.




We were very lucky and had a visit from 'The Flying Potter' who worked with us to create a pottery tile that will be turned into an oak tree! He was fantastic and we loved creating our own masterpieces - even the teachers joined in!