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Week 6

Monday 18th October 

We listened to the story of Florence Nightingale. She was a nurse in the Crimean War around 200 years ago. She was known as The Lady with The Lamp. She was very courageous because she helped many soldiers that were very injured from bombs and attacks. Her mum and dad did not want her to be a nurse because they thought it a bad idea and wanted her to get married and have a family. Florence stood by her ideas and was very brave to continue to help the soldiers who needed help with medical assistance. The Red Cross organisation was founded after Florence Nightingale to help countries who need medicines and help. 

Tuesday 21st October

We talked about what it means to us to be in a Church of England School. These are our thoughts:

1) We are guided with God and Jesus through our vision ' With God Nothing is Impossible'

2) We feel protected and safe with teachers, friends and God 

3) We are loved, feel safe and are forgiven 

4) We have links with the church which is opposite

5) Reverend Richard and people from the church tell Bible stories

6) We learn Christian values and why they are important

7) Values help us play with our friends and learn well

8) Our uniform shows the church 

9) We are welcomed to pray and worship God and others 

10) We sing hymns and praise Jesus and God

11) The trinity shows God in 3 forms and we have candles to represent God

12)The cross represents Jesus who died for us

13) There are coloured cloths for the church seasons through the year

14) We hold important Christian services in the church like Easter, Christmas and Harvest

15) We learn about Christianity and other faiths

16) We persevere and keep going 

17) The Bible tells stories about Jesus and God and we learn how to behave and learn from our mistakes.  

Wednesday 20th October 2021

We held class worship where we talked about what we have learnt about courage this half term and how it has impacted our everyday lives.