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Week 10

Monday 15th November 2021

We listened to the story of one of Jesus' miracles today and how he cured the 10 lepers. On his way to Jerusalem Jesus met ten men who were suffering from leprosy. He healed the men and then sent them to the priests so that they could obey the law and be publicly declared clean. Nine of the men went on their way while only one man, a Samaritan, returned to thank Jesus for what he had done. The old saying “it is the thought that counts” is still true. No matter the size or quantity of a gift, we should thank those who gift us physically or of their time and care.


We thought about who showed compassion in this story and not only did Jesus show his compassion for the sick, but also the man who came back to say thank you for being so kind. 

Tuesday 16th November 

We talked a lot about respecting each other today and what is appropriate and not appropriate behaviour. We then went on to listen to the Bible story of Jesus healing the paralysed man. This story actually took place a few days after Jesus had touched a man who had leprosy and made him better.  Jesus was going from town to town performing miracles and everyone wanted to see Him. People were excited whenever they heard that Jesus was in their area because they either wanted to see a miracle or be the one who was healed.

So, as Jesus entered one of the homes in Capernaum, people quickly gathered around Him.  So many people came that there was no room left, not even outside the door. There were four men who heard that Jesus was in town who decided to carry their paralysed friend on a mat to Him, to see if their friend could be healed.  As soon as they got to the house where Jesus was, they realised that they wouldn't be able to get through to see Him. He was lowered down through the roof and Jesus healed the man. The first thing Jesus said when He saw that they believed was, "Son, your sins are forgiven." 


We talked about his friends showing compassion and kindness to their friend and how Jesus showed his compassion to the men and his friend. 

Wednesday 17th November 

Class worship 

hymn 'Cross Over the Road' 

Each class looked at the meaning of the hymn Cross Over the Road and what the verses mean. 


Would you walk by on the other side
When someone called for aid?
Would you walk by on the other side
And would you be afraid?


Cross over the road my friend,
Ask the lord his strength to lend,
His compassion has no end -
Cross over the road.

Would you walk by on the other side
When you saw a loved one stray?
Would you walk by on the other side
Or would you watch and pray?
Cross over the road"

Would you walk by on the other side
When starving children cried?
Would you walk by on the other side
And would you not provide?
Cross over the road"

Thursday 18th November 

Open the Book by the church committee members in church