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Week 12

Monday 29th November 

We listened to the story from Exodus 5 'A thousand Bricks a Day' told by Bob Hartman. We all joined in with actions 

A pile of straw

A lump of clay

a thousand bricks a day 

A story of justice and hope to listen to god and believe his words. 


Tuesday 30th November 

We enjoyed listening to Noah's Ark through rhyme and actions. The story has a very powerful message of God's compassion for good people and saving the world. It shows how Noah's compassion and patience for the animals and his family. God showed his love and compassion for Noah by sending a rainbow and a promise that good conquers evil and that his people have learnt a lesson by surviving the floods and the storms that God sent. 

God showed his compassion to the people and animals 

Lucas Year 1


Noah showed patience towards the animals on the ark! 

Emily Year 3


Noah showed compassion for God 

Finley year 5


We can all help each other through the bad times

Oakley Year 4

Wednesday December 1st 

Class collective worship 


Thursday December 2nd

Reverend Canon Richard came to explain the Lord's Prayer to us with the actions.