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Week 6

Monday 7th February 2022

Today we looked inside a Methodist Church and compared this church with a Catholic, Anglican and Baptist Church. We found many similarities and differences and also named the features we know in churches including the pulpit, pews, stained glass windows, organ and the font. 



Tuesday 8th February 2022

Safer Internet Day!! 

This morning we were welcomed to a whole school assembly highlighting the importance of keeping safe online. We listened to the story of Digi Duck and talked about how he needed to think about changing his password on a regular basis and not sharing it with anyone accept his mum and dad. Mr and Mrs Fairhurst, from our governing body also joined us for the assembly and then visited the classrooms to talk to us about how we keep safe online. They were very impressed with how much we knew about keeping safe for example:

1) Always telling a trusted adult if we are concerned online

2) Making sure passwords are not shared

3) Not sharing personal details with anyone

4) Always being kind and compassionate to others online 

5) Always being respectful to our friends 

6) Making sure our parents know what we are accessing or playing 

7) making passwords difficult for anyone else to guess with a mixture of letters/ numbers and symbols 

Tuesday 8th February afternoon

Eco Assembly 

Wednesday 9th February

Class worship focusing on how we can help our planet following on from Eco assembly on Tuesday afternoon. We also looked at the question 'Why does God want us to look after the planet'?