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Summer 2024

Summer 2 2024!


Welcome back to school for the final half term of the school year! It is going to be a very busy one with lots of great opportunities to learn and have fun. Our new topic is called 'Life in our village'. 


Please follow the links below to the half term topic plan and the letter to parents:

New pets in Class 1!

We are now the proud parents of five very small, wiggly caterpillars! The children have named them: Lily, Sapphire, Sticky, Jude and Vill. At the moment, they are only 1cm long! We will watch and record how they grow over the next few weeks!

In our geography lessons, we have been thinking about where our village is in the world. We made a little zoom in book to go right from the whole Earth to our little village!

We also learnt about human and physical features in our village. The children took their own photos of features that they saw around school. 

We have been thinking about athletics in our PE lessons. We had our own mini-Olympics during our games session on Wednesday!

We have had two great sessions at forest school so far this half term. We started off looking at the different trees down in the orchard. We used their leaves to work out what their names were. 

We have been learning about habitats. We looked at all of the different habitats at forest school. We looked for creatures and plants using hoop sampling. 

We have been enjoying the sunny weather and have been doing lots of our learning outside. We used the huge painting easel outside to make some amazing creations!

We have been learning about life in our village and have spent some of our lessons thinking about minibeasts. We decided that we would build a minibeast hotel for them at forest school!

At forest school this week, the local bee keeper came to talk to us all about bees! He showed us how a hive works and talked to us about the different sections of the hive. He then talked to us about how the bees make honey. He even let us try some of the delicious honey straight from the honey comb!

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Summer 1 2024


Welcome back to school for summer 1 2024! Our new topic is all about the Victorians, especially what life was like for Victorian children.

Please follow the links below for our half term letter and topic plan:

We have been looking at the time line to see when different things happened in our history. We have split events into before Jesus was born and after. We then looked specifically at some of the important events in the Victorian era.

We enjoyed looking at artefacts from the Victorian time. We tried to guess what they were used for, what they were made from and whether we might still have a use for them today!

We enjoyed our cricket lesson today (17.4.24) with Dan and Henry.

Class 1 have been learning about what life was like for children in the Victorian times. They had an afternoon lesson at the Victorian school! They decided that they liked modern school much better!

We learnt that when children weren't at school (or work), they were expected to help around the home. We had a go at lots of different jobs such as scrubbing the floors, beating the rugs, washing the clothes, looking after the vegetables in the garden, caring for the younger children and sweeping the chimneys. 

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