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How we teach Science at Church Lench CE First School



At Church Lench C E First School we want our children to be curious and ask questions about the universe and all things within it. We deliver the science National Curriculum in a clear and practical way to enable children to develop their scientific knowledge and skills.


Class 1


In class 1 science is taught very closely together with the half termly topic. This is important so the children are able to make links between their overarching topic and scientific facts/skills. Each science lesson has a clear scientific objective and the skills are covered from the Year 1 science curriculum and the ‘Understanding the World’ section of the EYFS. There are occasions when scienitifc skills are taught in isolation or through other lessons as appropriate such as data logging in ICT or drawing graphs in maths lessons. 


Class 2 and 3

In Class 2 and 3 science is taught as a discrete subject on a weekly basis. Due to our mixed age groups each class will cover all aspects of the National Curriculum over a two year cycle. We have carefully mapped out the scientific skills in order that children revisit them on a regular basis. There are many opportunities to use experimental methodology to ensure that children are able to use a range of practical skills across the curriculum.