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How we teach Science at Church Lench CE First School

How science is taught at Church Lench First School

In class 1 science is taught very closely together within the half termly topic. This is important so the children are able to make links between their overarching topic and scientific facts/skills. There are 6 topics covered within a year on a 2 yearly cycle. Each science lesson has a clear scientific objective and the skills are covered from the Year 1 science curriculum and the ‘Understanding the World’ section of the EYFS. There are occasions when scienitifc skills are taught in isolation or through other lessons as appropriate such as data logging in ICT or drawing graphs in maths lessons. 

In Classes 2 and 3, science knowledge and skills can be taught as part of an over-arching topic. For example, in Class 3 when the children were learning about 'Ancient Civilisations', the children were able to complete some of their science work on 'Earth and Space' through this topic by looking at: how sundials work; the different calendars used and assumptions about space that people had during this time. 

At other times, the science topics do not allign with the broad topic heading. In these cases, science is taught as a block of lessons and is made as relevant to real life as possible. For example, when the children were looking at forces, they were asked to make a parachute for a particular purpose.