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Class 3


Welcome to Class 3!


Class 3 are taught by Mr Debenham and Miss Molloy.


Years 4 and 5 are taught in Class 3.



Malvern Residential 2021

As you can see from the above photos the children had a fabulous time at Malvern. They walked up hills, fired arrows, scaled climbing walls, scrambled up slippery tubes, lit fires, built shelters, solved problems, read maps and found clues, scrabbled around in the dark and sped down a long zipwire. They also made their own sandwiches (which was quite funny to watch) and attempted to put on their own duvet covers (which was really funny to watch). 

I know that they have all learned skills and made memories, had fun and cemented friendships, learned to support each other and feel supported and it was a real privilege to watch them learn and grow and have fun.   

Summer Term 1 

We have had a busy half term of learning and we also finally got to go on a trip out of school!

In English we have been working on writing biographies and some fabulous work has been produced on the lives of Roald Dahl, David Bowie and Lewis Hamilton. Maths his involved looking at fractions and decimals and the whole class has done really well at coming to terms with this difficult concept and understanding the relationship between the two. In Science we have looked at electricity and built lots of different circuits to demonstrate how circuits work and to investigate different components. Topic has been rather taken over by our developing production of 'Romeo and Juliet' and the children are really starting to get into their roles! Here is a short selection of photos from this term, including some of our fabulous day bellboating!



We have done a bit of archery practice with a bow that a member of the class had bought from the Medieval Fair in Evesham.



Finally, here is a selection of pictures of us working on lots of other curriculum areas.



We recorded a video to show to Classes 1 and 2 telling them all about ourselves. We worked hard on some drama, did lots of PE and prepared Easter gifts for the children in classes 2 and 3 which were delivered by Mr Debenham accompanied by two of the Year 5 children. This was all part of work that we have been doing in PSHE about our school community. 

We have started topic work and looked at William Shakespeare and have started rehearsing a short version of 'Romeo and Juliet' which we hope to be able to record and present next term! 

Have a fabulous Easter and I look forward to seeing everyone back at school for the Summer Term. 

Spring Term

Now that we are all back in school following lockdown mark 2 (or was it 3?) we have been making up for lost time by getting to know each other all again, re-forming our friendships and getting on with some work. We have done lots of energetic P.E., worked on fractions in Maths, completed play scripts in English and looked at vertebrates and invertebrates in Science. We have also continued our topic work by looking at William Shakespeare, his life and work ant tied that in to English through our plays.


We have recently been practicing so that we can bring you a little bit of Christmas because we have not been able to do the traditional activities.

Click on the links to see what we have done...and if one of the children seems to be reading her poem floating sideways in mid-air, blame the cameraman!

Happy Christmas!

Here is the first link to our Christmas musical medley...the link to the acrostic poems, prayers and Away In A Manger should follow tomorrow. Let me know on Class Dojo if there are any issues with the link.


Apologies - I have had to take the link down and will try to put it on Class Dojo tomorrow.




November and December Learning

In Science we have been studying Animals (including Humans) and Living Things and their Habitats. Everyone was fascinated by the experiment we designed to test the effect of different drink types on teeth. 



We have constructed our own food chains and also done some work on classifying animals.




In English we have analysed and written instruction texts and spent time writing some interesting non-chronological reports.



And we have also had fun exercising in the playground and running the Santa Dash dressed in our Christmas jumpers!




At the start of November the whole school came together for a (socially distanced) Remembrance event where everyone observed the two minutes silence and Mr Debenham played 'The Last Post' on the trumpet.


For video footage of the event click on the link below. 

Check back later in the term to see any updates.