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Week 4

Monday 24th January 2022

Our worship Committee performed a rap called Jugs and Jars written by Bob Hartman, based on the bible story The Widow's Gift of Everything 

This poor widow was unable to pay the debts that her husband had left her with. She had only a small amount of olive oil in her home – nothing else of value. As was the common practice of the time, her two sons were going to have to work for the lender until the money was paid back. In this case, he was going to exact a more harsh payment. They were to become his slaves.

God’s prophet, Elijah told the woman to borrow all the empty jars from her neighbours that she could possibly get, close her doors, and begin pouring the oil from her jar into the borrowed jars. As she obeyed, the widow saw that God provided enough oil to fill all the jars.

Jugs and Jars

Jugs and Jars

Oil in the jugs

Flour in the Jars 

Tuesday 25th January 2022 

We looked at the layout of a Catholic church and the important features that you would find. We also noted the similarities and differences between a Catholic Church and an Anglican church. 

Wednesday 25th January 2022 

Class based worship looking at service. Class 1 have decided to collect for a local foodbank instead of receiving a reading reward this week! how wonderfully caring and compassionate and thinking of serving others! 

Thursday 27th January 

God's Promise 'For with God Nothing is Impossible' 


There are many occasions in the Bible when things seemed impossible. The story of Abraham and Sarah shows that nothing is impossible for God. He had promised Abraham that he would have so many descendants that he would be the father of many nations. But, at an old age, Abraham and Sarah still did not have any children. It seemed out of the question. But God showed his power by making the unthinkable a reality. He gave Abraham and Sarah the gift of a baby boy named Isaac.

Genesis 18:14 says, “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” There may be many times when things seem impossible in your life. You can take comfort knowing that with God, nothing is impossible! He knows what you need, he is powerful, and he loves you!



Friday 28th January 2022 

Before celebration assembly we looked at the weekly service held at home  that Jewish people take each week called Shabbat. Shabbat is the sabbath day where families spend time together and come away from the distractions of everyday life including cooking, cleaning, television, electronics and even switching lights on! Families have a specially prepared meal on Friday night and welcome Shabbat for 24 hours. Families take time to reflect and think about their busy weeks and play family games.