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We focused a lot on our British Values to send the message that in order to achieve Peace we need to follow our key British values. 


Rule of Law


Looked at our rules in school, home, community and country. 

We have these rules to keep us safe, to learn, to have fun. It would be chaotic, disorderly and frightening if rules were removed. 

BBC KS2 Assemblies where children talked to a judge about rules in the country and why they are important. 

Children were also asked what rules they would like to see in our country or world 

1)  Stop deforestation

2) give more food to the poor

3) stop killing animals 








Discussed what democracy means and how the people have the right to speak out and vote for what they believe is right. People are able to have a view and opinion that is respected even if it is different from others. We talked about how we need to accept decisions made by a vote but how we can challenge or disagree well. 


We then looked at non democratic countries where people do not have the right to vote or speak about things. They must accept what the government tells them and abide by these rules. 


Mutual Respect and Tolerance 

We discussed how we should treat others like we would like to be treated ourselves. Children made the following comments after watching KS2 BBC assembly video on mutual respect 



Follow the rules and be fair in games   Lucas Yr 2


Listen and respect the views of others   Noah Yr 4


Respect other beliefs   Sofia Yr 3


It's ok to disagree and have your own view   staff 


Respect a decision made in a sports game and always shake hands Ollie Yr 5


Respect others who are different than you. We are all unique and made in God's image.




Remembrance Day 

This day is about honouring and respecting all of the people that have been involved in war and conflict. It is a also a time to reflect and think about the past generations of people like our grandparents and great grandparents and the sacrifices they have made for us. 


1 minute silence on playground and reflecting how we all pray for peace. 

Bible Story 

Jesus Calms the storm by The Worship Committee 

'When things get hard Jesus is there to calm us and help us through trouble times'