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Spring 1 2023

Happy New Year 2023


Mrs C has made a New Year's Resolution to take more photos of us so we can share our learning.


We started off our maths work with a recap of shapes. We have an excellent knowledge of shape and really impressed Mrs C with our work. Here we are exploring different 2D shapes using geoboards. We had lots of fun and Ava and Millie made a 30 sided shape which we found out was called a triacontagon or 30-gon!


We named different 2D and 3D shapes and counted sides, vertices, faces and edges. We also looked at symmetry. Here we are finding vertical lines of symmetry in shapes. 

We also learned that we need to use a ruler to draw polygons. 

In PE we do games with Mr Alexander and Dan. Here we are playing tag rugby games with Dan. It was too wet to go outside so we were in the hall.

We've also started learning Parkour skills with Mrs C in PE. We have only had one session but we had lots of fun learning how to jump and land. We then played a game where we couldn't touch the floor and had to move around on mats and benches. Mrs C was so proud of our teamwork skills! We also got hot, sweaty and there was a lot of laughter! Here are some pictures of the Year 3s (Mrs C will remember to take the camera in for the Year 2s next time!!!).

In English we are looking at the book 'How Rabbit Stole the Fire' which is a traditional Native American Tale. We are using it to write amazing sentences that include, speech, repetition, similes, conjunctions, adjectives and many more fantastic features. In the story Rabbit makes a wonderful headdress and we also got to make our own headdresses. We will be taking these with us to Forest School in a few weeks - check back for photos of what we do with them!

In the story 'How Rabbit Stole the Fire' the Rabbit teaches the Sky People a dance. To help us write and describe the dance we put on our headdresses and went and practised our dance moves in the playground. 

We then got writing, describing the different dance moves that Rabbit had taught the Sky People.

At the end of our work on this book we had a trip to Forest School where we could have our own fire! We went down to the orchard and spent time finding facts about the animals in the story, dancing and singing around the fire like they do in the book and creating our own fire. Best of all we got to toast marshmallows and make s'mores! They were delicious. Here are some pictures of us at Forest School having a marvelous time!

And Mrs C remembered to take photos of the Year 2s learning Parkour in PE. Here they are!