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Week 2

Monday 10th January 2022

We listened to the story of Queen Esther who served her king and the willingness to risk everything for the service of the Jewish people during the reign of king Xerxes, the ruler of Persia. 

Tuesday 12th January 2022 

We looked at who serves our country and made a list of all our services that protect and help us in our daily lives. 

* Airforce

* Navy







*Farmers and food suppliers 



We then talked about who we serve and help at home to make them smile. We completed Service Snails at home to think about what we do to help our families. 

Wednesday 12th January 2022

Class collective worship focusing on serving our families and services that keep us safe in the world. 

Thursday 13th January 2022 

We listened to the story of Hannah Senesh, who was born into a Jewish family in 1921 in Hungary. When she was 18 years old she went to live in a country called Palestine. here the Jewish people hoped to establish a country where they could live in peace. But things don't always turn out how we expect them to. During the 2nd World War in Europe World War 2 was taking place  and Hitler was arresting many Jewish people and putting them into harsh and cruel prison camps. Hannah heard what was going on and wanted to help the Jewish people . She wanted to do something so she joined the British Army and set off with others on a daring mission. Hannah parachuted into enemy territory where she helped both British prisoners and Jewish people escape from the Germans. 

Sadly Hannah was captured and put into prison. Conditions in prison were very harsh and she was treated cruelly. She helped her fellow prisoners to smile by holding up newspaper cuttings and making rag dolls for them. She also found out that her mother was in the same prison and did whatever she could to communicate with her mother and the other prisoners. Hannah bravely refused to give German soldiers any information. In her short life, she was just 22 years old, Hannah needed courage many times. None more so than when she was shot by her jailers for refusing to help them. 

Hannah is remembered for her courageous service to her people and that is her legacy. What would you do to help others? What will you be remembered for?