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Summer 2023

Summer 2 2023


Welcome back to school after the half term holiday! We have a great topic for our last half term of this year- Amazing Africa!

Please follow the links below to the topic plan and the half term letter:

We have already been so busy learning about Africa. We have looked at the landscape of this huge continent and had a look at how its climate is different to ours. 

A special parcel arrived for Bernie our class bird. It was his cousin all the way from the grasslands in Africa! She told us lots about Africa and showed us some photos of what it is like there. 

In our English lessons, we have been watching some traditional tales from Africa called 'Tinga Tinga Tales'. We looked at the character of tortoise and learnt how he became so slow. We then did some work on questions using the story of how lion got his roar. 

In our topic lesson today (12.6.23), we learnt about how some people live in African cities (like cities that we have in the UK) as well as in little tiny villages. We looked at African village huts and how different they are to homes in the UK. The children used their observation skills to look at images of an African village to see what they could notice. All of the children used classroom resources to try to build their own village hut. Great team work everyone!

Summer 1 2023

It's the summer term! Welcome back to school after the Easter holidays. We are very much looking forward to our next half term of learning. Our new topic is 'The Royal Family and the UK'. 

Please follow the link to see our topic plan for this half term:

We started off this half term with an art day. We learnt all about the work of the artist Paul Klee. We followed his idea of 'taking a line for a walk'. We practised different types of lines and then we took our own line for a walk. 

We were very happy with our finished art work!

In our topic lesson today (18.4.23) we learnt more about the four countries of the UK. We practised the skipping rhyme to recall the names of the four countries of the UK and thought about what their flags look like. We also tried some food from each of the countries of the UK!

While learning about the countries of the UK, we learnt that each country has it's own flower/plant that represents it. England has the rose, Scotland the thistle, Wales is the daffodil and Northern Ireland is the shamrock. We used different printing methods to make each of these plants. 

We have been learning about the features of a letter. We read lots of letters and found that they had the same type of features: a date, a greeting, the body of the letter, a closing and the name of the person sending it. We read two great books, 'Dear Greenpeace' and 'Dear Teacher'. At the end of you letter writing, the children in Year 1 decided to sent a letter to our new King to ask him questions and to wish him well on his coronation!

The children in Year R shared their ideas to write a letter together:

We were set a treasure hunt challenge to look for royal initials, pictures, emblems and cyphers while out an about. So far, we have found some lovely things!