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Week 8

We listened to Footprints in the sand which tells us about a  dream a person had and showed us that God is always by your side no matter what happens. There were two sets of footprints at the beginning and then one set of footprints at the end which represented God carrying them and their worries. 


'It made me think that God is always by my side' ...Lily Beth Year 4

'Even when I am worried God will guide me' ....Oakley Year 5

'I felt happy and sad but know that God will help me'...Annabel Year 5

'They were God's footprints' Charlie Year R 

'God carries us and will never leave your side' Aden Year 5

On Tuesday we listened to the Bible story feeding the 5000 Matthew 14. We all joined in with actions and words. This taught us about courage and compassion.

' The boy showed compassion for giving the food to Jesus' Emily Year 3

'It teaches us not to be greedy and want too much' Sofia Year 2

'A little bit goes a long way' Aurelia Year 4

'Always share what you have with others' Daisy Year 4

'Look after people and love each other' Fin Year 5



Wednesday 3rd November 

Class worship.

In our classes we looked at where compassion is embedded at the heart of our school vision. 


'To create an environment where children and staff feel loved and happy'

'We aim for our children to make a positive contribution to the community and wider world'


We care about the environment

We show kindness to our friends and family

We are considerate of others 

We show empathy and pity wanting to help others in need

We show love to one another

We are loved and feel safe

We help and support our friends and others in need